viernes, mayo 12, 2006

Örebro University

Örebro University is situated in Almby, three kilometres (c. 1.5 miles) from the centre of Örebro. Surrounded by woods and fields, the campus also adjoins a Viking Age burial site.

Örebro University came into existence as a result of the higher education reform in Sweden in 1977. In January 1999, Örebro University was granted full university status and is now one of Sweden’s most expansive universities, with over 14,500 students and 1,300 staff. More than 80
study programmes are offered in Swedish as well as 800 single subject courses in about fifty subjects.

Research is organized in a number of profiles, each with a strong subject identity, but with the focus on the multidisciplinary perspective. Within and between the eleven departments there are a number of research schools with international guest research programmes and multidisciplinary research constellations where clearly defined strong research areas have been and are being developed. Among the strongest research areas are robotics, democracy, the
environment and disability science.

A diversity of courses are offered in English for exchange students. Each semester, Örebro University hosts approximately 200 exchange students. Student exchanges often
take place through programmes such as Erasmus in Europe, the American network ISEP as well as ISEP Multilateral in South America and Asia, Nordplus and Nordlys in Scandinavia
and through cooperation projects within the Linnaeus-Palme and Tempus programmes. Örebro University also has a number of bilateral exchange agreements with partner universities all over the world.

Ten out of eleven academic departments are located in buildings on campus, as are also the library, administration offices, cafés, restaurants, bookstore and a large sports complex with a state-of-the-art workout centre, and parts of the residential areas.

Nowadays, Örebro University is located in several places all over the region, such as Grythyttan, Kopparberg and Karlskoga.

This is also proof of a commitment towards regional development on the whole, and of the desire to recruit new student groups. Within a few years, it is expected that medical training will be offered in collaboration with the University Hospital in Örebro.

Así comienza la descripción de la universidad de Örebro, situada en Almby, a unos tres kilómetros del Centro de Örebro (que se pronuncia algo parecido a Orebrú :)).

Con menos de 30 años de existencia, tiene ya más de 14500 estudiantes, y según ponen unos 200 son de intercambio (ejjeje, voy a ser yo uno de ellos? :P)

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